The difference between a Wise man and a Fool…

...Is that a Wise Man learns from his mistakes. I read this first in a fortune cookie in a dive of a Chinese restaurant in Carol City when i was like 8 or something. It stayed with me all this time. Its the sort of thing that you think you "get" the first time, but [...]

Why is it that the NEW NORMAL make me want to burn things down?

Then before my eyes, is standing still I beheld it there, a city on a hill I complete my tasks, one by one I remove my masks, when I am done

Like being kicked in the Shins

"See, this is why I don’t have a fucking jet pack. “No, no, we need umpty million quid to look for fucking great holes, why on earth would we want to cure cancer, the common cold or Frenchness?” Bastards. Happy Sunday morning. Now fuck off."