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The Commute 

“Listen” he said, eyes wide to the sky, “LISTEN AND YOU CAN HEAR” Velour ignored the hobo as soon as she saw his testicles hanging out for his toga. She moved around, pinning a slower pedestrian in between the man with extra smell, so she could not have to connect at all. Her morning playlist

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SKETCHBOOK: The Pug, Justice has never been so Adorable!

Concept for a mutated Pug from Victorian times who saves the world today! WHAT?!? YEAH. Originally he showed in VIGIL, a webcomic I produced over 10 years ago on Graphicsmash.com and since then has been hiding in my sketchbook. I plan one day to back to it, but this time it would be more on

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SKETCHBOOK: Fuck Yeah I’m a superhero doctor…

A part of the plan for VIGIL was to expand the universe, and really the Drama into an ER Hill Street Blues situation in the writing of a Hospital that specialize in SUperhero care and such. It’s still in it’s infancy in my head, but I did have the scene for Dr. Rodriguez here to

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Bio-mechanical Chicana girl who is just a sweet heart….. who happens to be a walking nuclear reactor. Notice my writing notes on the side? That what i try to keep in mind while putting together a concept. This was for VIGIL a while back as I tried to expand the world, but now that I’m going back and going

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This is Big Bam Betty, a superhero in VIGIL I was planning for late,r who can generate kinetic energy and mass as she moves, with the power being centered in her tits…. YEAH I KNOW IT”S FUCKING IMMATURE AS HELL, but I couldn’t help but draw and laugh as I did it.