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THICK OF THINGS – August, The sun is still on, and I can take a punch. (Take the HIT no. 4)

I hate the term “I can take a punch” It means you’re such an asshole, that you A. Been punched a shit ton of times to know that and B. You’re a fucking twat who can’t duck. But it does connote that odd situation of being in a fight and getting decked hard as fuck and somehow,

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THICK OF THINGS – July, and somebody turn off the sun. NOW.

I am tired of sweating. Just. TIRED. And it’s only mid-summer. I’m sitting in my comic shop, THE GOBLINS HEIST, alone, it was just closing time. I have a stack bristol and sketch cover to take home and draw. I take tomorrow off, thought i have some meeting to attend to later, and tonight I plan

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