SKETCHBOOK: Master Spliter

In all the scenes I wrote for the TMNT/Daredevil mash up, one that really stuck was the idea of maybe the turtles enlisting Matt Murdock, maybe after he helps April O'Neil out of a jam she wa sin as a reporter, maybe to help hide their lair. It would be interesting later for the turtles, [...]


This is sure as hell isn't my best Elektra, but I was messing with idea of how to present her and show her, the basic look, movement, costume. etc. Again I wanted to mess with the idea of Elektra and her combat telepathy being used, and fighting Shredder, which I mention before, but also a [...]


More from my TMNT versus Daredevil fuck around project I was doing last February: I wanted to play up a scene between Shredder and Elektra fighting, her using her telepathy to sense his actions, but finding that oroku Saki had honed himself into a machine to pure strategy and action, moving as one. Hence the [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Elektra thinks about her new opponents…

Still sketching and kicking around the Daredevil/TMNT story I have going in my head, this time thinking about the Villains. It would be interesting to see the Foot and the Hand go at it, and it would of course beg the question of Oroku Saki/The Shredder versus Elektra. It also begs the question of TCRI, [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Michaelangelo

Ugh, what can be said about Michelangelo, to me the most annoying turtle of all the TMNT. But you say "Juan, how could you?" and I would say "shut up, and hear me out"Lets put aside the ridiculous cowabunga clown idiocy from the cartoon, because that will stick most in your mind about him. No, let [...]


Leonardo, to me,  was the blandest of the turtles, seemingly a cookie cutter tragic figure. One storyline that always seems to pop up, which is actually becoming interesting and coming to head in the recent IDW series of TMNT "CITY FALL" is the idea of the weight of being the leader of the turtles. And [...]