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ABout ABC, and idiots Steponoupolis and Gibson

I didn’t need Moveon.org to tell me how bad those debate were, but I did sign thier petetion at the degrading antics of ABC: “The travesty of the American Media trying to cover this election is sad and ridiculous as is. But this, this debauchery of Steponopolous and Gibson, is just the peak of the

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“As long as I tell the truth I feel that nobody can touch me.”-Henry Rollins

+ Knowing when to walk away and when when your fucking BADASS to stay is everything , ask this guy +The Uttermost Brutality? +I so need to do stuff like this, if only to flex ye olde drawing muss-kulls. +This is just stupid enough to be funny. Hopefully it’ll have a couple of Fanboy moments

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