This is sure as hell isn't my best Elektra, but I was messing with idea of how to present her and show her, the basic look, movement, costume. etc. Again I wanted to mess with the idea of Elektra and her combat telepathy being used, and fighting Shredder, which I mention before, but also a [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Michaelangelo

Ugh, what can be said about Michelangelo, to me the most annoying turtle of all the TMNT. But you say "Juan, how could you?" and I would say "shut up, and hear me out"Lets put aside the ridiculous cowabunga clown idiocy from the cartoon, because that will stick most in your mind about him. No, let [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Leonardo, in Black, TMNT redesign

Leonardo, in Black, TMNT redesign. I mentioned this sometime back and finally got around to posting on here; In doing this little redesign exercise of the Turtles, I wanted for them to reflect there personalities more, but didn't want to change them too much... except for Leo. being the leader and most responsible of the group  i wanted that to [...]


This is a techie google glass like version of Donatello, when I was messing around of doing the Turtles in a Portfolio. Have other designs in mind now, more subdued going back to their red mask and having them physically be different, but I did like the idea of Donatello carrying his tech with him, and that [...]