The Sarah Silverman show…

Is becoming the "Everyone is Funny but Sarah Silverman" I mean she just does the same joke: "Hey what's going on here?" "I don't know Sarah" "well stop it you racially charged word that shocks people" and then we go "oh my" I mean what happened to plain BITCH Sarah? She plays such a good [...]

“The Sopranos” prediction pool | Salon Arts Entertainment

"The Sopranos" prediction pool | Salon Arts & Entertainment Here are a couple of good ones. I guess I like the idea that, in the end, a woman might be in charge. Or maybe even AJ. It's odd though, but for me, I want Tony to survive. I want him to THRIVE. I want him [...]

YouTube Coming Soon To Apple TV

Steve Jobs at the D5 conference: "Wouldn't it be great if you could see YouTube in your livingroom? YOUTUBE ON APPLE TV?" read more | digg story THIS MAY LEAD ME TO BUYING IT....MAYBE.  Then again part of me is screaming, "read a book!"