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  • FWACATA! podcast Episode 5 – Zombie Years

    This episode, I talk to you about being an indie publisher in Diamond at the moment, and inside look into making comics, The Right way, The wrong way, and the Juan Navarro way while blabbing about ZOMBIE YEARS, my own comic series that is hitting ISSUE 10 next week. Call in with your questions 806-414-JUAN…

  • HEART of SUFFERING, Page 18

    The Zombie Years » Archive » HEART of SUFFERING, Page 18. The continuing adventures of  surviving the undead in the Sunshine State! EVERY WEDNESDAY


    This week I’m celebrating Five Years of Zombie years, my post-apocalyptic tale of the Undead in the Magic City. I invite you all to go to ZOMBIEYEARS.com and read the WHOLE ARCHIVE, issue 1-6 for free this week, after which I’m locking them up! THANKS!

  • SKETCHBOOK: Dead Listing/Fundead, Ben, the Zombie Foodie

    Yep, lots of deep thinking there. I think I stopped doing this and along came an offer with similar premise called Dead Listing, and I was just super surprised. I think I tired to get going that series, but it was one of those crappy gigs where the writer drops out for months on end…