FWACATA ep. 14 – FAWAD SIDDIQUI (and we’re back!)

This episode, the great Fawad Siddiqui, is an American actor, improvisational comedian, journalist and cartoonist.

Sketchbook: Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

Found an odd photo of George Costanza, and he looked so defeated and demure.... it sorta inspired me to draw it quick over this smudge of paint I had in my sketchbook with sharpie.


TORA is the opposite of Mermoz, and changes the most in each of her iterations. In the end she is always the no-nonsense warrior girl, with a sharp grin and a sharp sword, but also an exotic dancer and reader of books. She was to bring balance to the whole cast, and also be the [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Gloomy Gus over here…

 I don't remember if this was from a photo or just messing with Lithographic crayons again, but this was drawing with different material on gesso, and seeing how it reacted. Like the red is a DESIGN ART MARKER I drew with and it soaked the marker in a way that was pretty cool. I'm also [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Delilah doesn’t Play….

Delilah from the ZOMBIE YEARS doesn't play around, she been through it all, so she has no time for your bullshit, for your whining, for all your heavy bullshit. No, she has another day to survive and to her, every time you wake up and breath is a win.

LUNCH TIME: Thoughts on “Serrano Shoots Cuba” on Vice

Andres Serrano has come a long way since "Piss Christ" which I find intriguing to this day and only after the fires are semi-burnt out, have we seen the full effect the piece has had. Go see. But really his other photographic works deserve to be noted, and his eye, being a bit heavy on [...]