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Not getting Old, but getting Better

I think if there is a theme that comes into play in my life, now at 35, is this idea of “getting old” , not that you’re older, you’re just getting…old. Like they are hitting you with something. First. I don’t feel old. At times I wake up stiff, and I tend to have more

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Look at this awesome monster by friend Tere! Guess who she gave it to? ME! YEAH! Look at it! I’m going to name him Marvy the Marvel Monster! He whispers to me to buy sketch covers I don’t want, and/or variant Covers that are too expensive!  

SKETCHBOOK: She’s not amused…

I think I was drawing with ink, from a picture and messed up big time. I had left this drawing, then came back to it, and finished with what I have. Sometimes I wish I could hit it at this level ALL THE TIME. I think thats the secret in drawing sometimes, being able to

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