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STATION ID: and knowing is half the WHAT AM I DOING? NOOOO

So I’m doing JOEVEMBER and what is that? After INKTOBER decided it’s good to have a type of drawing regime everyday no matter how small. It’s keep s the Brian going and this has already made my brain pump new ideas with new approaches. I find that alongside my current working out (yes I’m going

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Instagram: http://ift.tt/2ALfa2H #SKETCHCARD Commissions are open! Currently working on #motu #heman #mastersoftheuniverse cards completely custom! Want one? Hit me up! I’ll be at #paradisecitycomiccon this weekend taking commissions of all types! #adam #hemanandthemastersoftheuniverse #castlegrayskull #skeletor #mattel #sword #ihavethepower #bythepowerofgreyskull

SKETCHBOOK: Figure Drawing with Ink

SKETCHBOOK: Figure Drawing with Ink, a simple ink brush piece I did in an elongated sketchbook I have.  I do a lot of fast versions of these to warm up and here you can see some on of the better ones. Related articles Newest Female Figure Drawings (various media) (tomwebberartist.wordpress.com) This Week’s Figure Drawings (tomwebberartist.wordpress.com)

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SKETCHBOOK: Gloomy Gus over here…

 I don’t remember if this was from a photo or just messing with Lithographic crayons again, but this was drawing with different material on gesso, and seeing how it reacted. Like the red is a DESIGN ART MARKER I drew with and it soaked the marker in a way that was pretty cool. I’m also

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This is sooooooo not an original design or anything, if anything I saw this concept, markers and the tunnel and such, in a catalog for a school ( believe is was RISD) in like 1994 or something and ever since then I would draw tunnels when I was bored or just need to warm up

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