MEGACON 2014 report: Damn that was cool…

Alright, so I made it back in one piece from the extensive, ORLANDO MEGACON. I know I'm making it seem like a big deal and you might be saying,  "geez dude, it was just a con" but for me it's a marathon of talking, selling, schmoozing, and networking, but I'm most tired from laughing so… Continue reading MEGACON 2014 report: Damn that was cool…

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SKETCHBOOK: Tora, the Dungeon Explorer

Another rendition of the this DragonBreath Character, Tora, the Dancer Berzerker, this time with an odd helmet design. I liked the checkerboard pattern from the old Warhammer WAAAAUGH! Design of the Ork Bad Moon tribe.  

Goings Ons

Sitting here in front of the screen

I am tired. +Heard of this before, didn't know there was Video! Jesus. Watch the last part in Slow-mo + Games Workshop going small scale again....damn awesome to see a huge Imperial guard fleet coming at you like that! +business card stand for Iphone? That is some McGyver shit. + Video about Jack Kirby at… Continue reading Sitting here in front of the screen