All of my Marvel Retro Card set: SKETCH CARDS

Want a sketch card? Check out my FIVERR I have going right now...

SKETCHBOOK: Watercolor figure

I did this on really crappy paper for some reason so it caused me to go slow so as to not let it tear and let it absorb the color so maybe it let me succeed a bit with the form.

SKETCHBOOK: That look…

Original sketch, mock up for Rez that didn't take off. It' s coming out sooooo much better now with the new artist. COMIGN SOON

SKETCHBOOK: Tora, the Dungeon Explorer

Another rendition of the this DragonBreath Character, Tora, the Dancer Berzerker, this time with an odd helmet design. I liked the checkerboard pattern from the old Warhammer WAAAAUGH! Design of the Ork Bad Moon tribe.