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  • ZOMBIE YEARS: … so this is nice

    ZOMBIE YEARS: … so this is nice

    As always it’s awesome when your work is recognized but more awesome if it’s been out of of print for a bit: 10 Horror Comics You Should be Reading Thanks to Ben Howard who has always been supportive. Right now ZY has the first two issues up on @linewebtoon with the rest of the series…

  • STATION ID: Do or do not, but STFU

    STATION ID: Do or do not, but STFU

    Instagram: http://ift.tt/2HK4Pbd New blog posts on Fwacata.com today. Did this a while back and the one thing I enjoyed is people saying I’m not that big anymore. So I guess the 90% vegan thing is working… in some way. I didn’t post on Sunday, April 1 because A. I was really busy getting stuff together…

  • The Zombie Years » WRECKAGE page 12

    The Zombie Years » Archive » WRECKAGE page 12. Here is page 12 of Wreckage by Dan Fernandez and Jude Millien Read it from the beginning HERE

  • WRECKAGE! Part 1 starts today!

    The Zombie Years » Archive » WRECKAGE!.


    TORA is the opposite of Mermoz, and changes the most in each of her iterations. In the end she is always the no-nonsense warrior girl, with a sharp grin and a sharp sword, but also an exotic dancer and reader of books. She was to bring balance to the whole cast, and also be the…


    Of all the characters that came from trying to merge these two books, that DID NOT CHANGE, it was Mermoz Guiliamet. He was a character from my D&D days ( originally a Ranger/Thief I think) and use the name MERMOZ for a username on anything I play online. I always liked the idea of punk…