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More than a HUNGER! RAVENOUS – Kickstarter

RAVENOUS – More than a HUNGER! by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter. We’re at it again, this time with an amazing project that I’ve been part of as Editor and now as Series writer (starting in issue 2)  created by the amazing team of  John Ulloa and Jose Varese. Jose is an amazing artist, and you

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Doing sketch covers…

Lately at the cons, I have started doing sketch covers, mostly Creature Sketch covers like for RAVENOUS and ZOMBIE YEARS but also started doing covers of others books like these: I’m working on some new ones, they are fun to do, but with acrylics and markers and FUN. Some of the ones I see at cons just look like

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SKETCHBOOK: The Gay Werewolf

Later in the FUNDEAD/Dead Listing comic I was thinking the werewolf could be gay….why? WHY NOT?