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Doing sketch covers…

Lately at the cons, I have started doing sketch covers, mostly Creature Sketch covers like for RAVENOUS and ZOMBIE YEARS but also started doing covers of others books like these: I’m working on some new ones, they are fun to do, but with acrylics and markers and FUN. Some of the ones I see at cons just look like

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this is what happens when I have time in meetings…..I draw Gambit fighting EVERYBODY… X-men, a Sentinel, Wolverine, Transformer, Ninja  some bald guy, Cyclops ….. I don’t even know French so….    

SKETCHBOOK: Rocket Raccoon

It’s funny that a year ago, I had to explain who Rocket Raccoon is, and now people are slowly telling me about him. Rocket Raccoon will be bigger than Wolverine?    

SKETCHBOOK: Wolverine versus the TICK

Wolverine versus the TICK! Adamantium versus Nigh-invulnerable? Another doodle done during a meeting…