Full clip on YouTube!Thanks to everyone who came out, more hopefully next week...

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STATION ID: The Blogosphere is dying and I feel fine..

I wanted a career as an artist. Now get me I am an artist, and I have one, but I wanted to be an ARTISTE: Working on my own visions unencumbered by the daily grind of peoples lives working my works towards some fanciful idea of life and love and the act of BEING so… Continue reading STATION ID: The Blogosphere is dying and I feel fine..

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The world is a Question…

Instagram: Cupid sneak peek, working out some looks for it on the pencils side. Looking for an inker and/or colorist for it so I can just handle the writing/pencils and lettering finishing but rather have a chunk of it done before that but if anyone is interested... Going full on now into 2019 to… Continue reading The world is a Question…


STATION ID: The Underpants​ Gnomes had it right

Late, but then again, right on time? At times when it comes to all the BRILLIANT ideas that come into the contraption thats called my mind, I recall the old gag of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park, basically, the reason WHY these Gnomes stole underwear from people: Looking at my little PLan of Action/Illiterate Hostage… Continue reading STATION ID: The Underpants​ Gnomes had it right

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Originally, I was really happy with this piece, but something was jarring the living hell out of me for it and I wondered what. Tonight getting home and looking at it again, it was clear: THE POSE SUCKS. He's looking at straight on in the most static shitty pose ever. Ugh. I couldn't stand it.… Continue reading THE RED GOBLIN a start?

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Instagram: #SKETCHCARD Commissions are open! Currently working on #motu #heman #mastersoftheuniverse cards completely custom! Want one? Hit me up! I'll be at #paradisecitycomiccon this weekend taking commissions of all types! #adam #hemanandthemastersoftheuniverse #castlegrayskull #skeletor #mattel #sword #ihavethepower #bythepowerofgreyskull