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SKETCHBOOK: Rez sketch no. 18

These were more sketches I did for an upcoming books I’m writing called Rez. You may have seen some bits here and there. This a disheveled looks that I decided to reject, since disheveled detectives are a dime a dozen now, so maybe if he was cleaner, or a bit of neat freak it would

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SKETCHBOOK: The Detective

An impromptu sketch that in the long run inspired the original incarnation of REZ, a book I’m writing right now with Johndell Snead doing the art. Will probably be running a kickstarter for it in February, but we’re really wanting to have 2 issues done before releasing ANYTHING. It’ll be a five issues series, later

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WORK: REZ, first page of comic script

Almost¬†done¬†with the script of a project I’m working called REZ, a supernatural Detective story that covers some religious and life views while at it. Hope to have an artist soon for it (still looking) and have the first issue out in the fall, but let me see. This is the first comic I write, that

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