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Man Embarassed by Small Penis Secretly Gets Brother to Sleep w/ Girlfriend

The girlfriend found out after 2 months when she turned the light on. “She apparently had no idea. Both men look similar as they are brothers, and the older brother made a point of not speaking when he was impersonating his younger sibling,” said police. read more | digg story FILE THIS UNDER MY “WHAT-THE-FUCKING-FUCK?!?

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and I hate you a bit more…

and I hate you a bit more…, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Have you seen these stickers of “Families” around. They’re just fucking retarded. It’s up there with “my kid is an Honor student” faggotry that parents put up. Guh. I’m thinking of making my own…. With a drunk dad beating his son…who is gay…while the

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