SUNDAY FUNDAY: I don’t want to be that GUY

Dale que tu puede! Translation: YOU CAN DO IT!I saw at least once a day, not only to myself, but to others. So many times, people are just working and grinding, and you can tell when they are down on themselves, be it artist, customers, friends, and I jsut have to stand their waving that [...]

PODCAST: Wandavision talk, Claim Sale, and more Hey, another COMIC BOOK DAY Claim sale is up and at them this week!This is LIVE every SUNDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY at around 9pm-ish ( we run on Cuban time) Eastern TIme!In this episode, we sell some comic book sets, graphic novels and talk shop with Jude Millien again and talk about the end of [...]


Full clip on YouTube!Thanks to everyone who came out, more hopefully next week...

LUNCH TIME: Thoughts on “Serrano Shoots Cuba” on Vice

Andres Serrano has come a long way since "Piss Christ" which I find intriguing to this day and only after the fires are semi-burnt out, have we seen the full effect the piece has had. Go see. But really his other photographic works deserve to be noted, and his eye, being a bit heavy on [...]

SKETCHBOOK: 5 minute sketch, originally done upside down to test a theory

5 minute sketch, originally done upside down to test a theory or technique

HIT FUCKING PLAY: ▶ Nine Inch Nails – 2013 full concert

Came across this, and felt like so:  ▶ Nine Inch Nails - Lollapalooza 2013 full concert - YouTube.