Vending Machine Gets Drop Kicked

I've felt this way with Vending machines before, but this? This is an example when one person with a bad idea is suddenly supported by a group of people and taken to the extreme. Bunch of Jackasses chanting for you to jumpkick a machine, should be an indicator of dumb shit happening. Hell, you have… Continue reading Vending Machine Gets Drop Kicked

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A real Gangbanger!

SKIT IDEA/SHORT FILM: "We the Hardest Ganbangers, and craziest Assbangers" Gay Gangbangers: hell shit would scare the living fuck out of people. The People who are against wrap, would hate. The true Gang Wrappers would hate this. Imagine them united against it. I imagine a documentary style thing, something like a 20/20 sort of thing,… Continue reading A real Gangbanger!

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Some Schoolin today

Watch and learn: