Meet Frank Nuñez, a survivor; relatively young he’s now worked out his life in this new world. He’s been able to eek out a living among the dead, and delves into the deep reaches of the city to find anything to make life better. Frank is beaten, he doesn’t want anything from anyone, and just now resides in his mind to survive and see the next day. But one day while scavenging a girl comes into his life, and all of a sudden (right?) survival is not enough… Zombie Years is a Horror Drama with lots of action and Humor, Survival tips, both real and unreal,  DIY concepts, Latin American/Caribbean culture, while featuring Miami as a whole other character in the story.

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Updated every Wednesday.

Creature Entertainment was founded by John Ulloa and Julio Alvarez; and together with their group of artists, animators and filmmakers based in Miami, publish graphic novels,  produce short and feature films. I’m the Editor-in-Cheif, mostly dealing with concerting and design on some of intellectual Properties. Creature  is embracing new media, video, and good old print to create a unique niche in the market for our stories. We work on a modest budget as most independent publishers/filmmakers do and have a grassroots approach to putting our product into the hands of the comic book and movie aficionado; but that doesn’t mean we are willing to put out sub-par products.

Creature Entertainment is always looking for talented artists, writers, actors, and directors to collaborate with. Contact us if you would like us to take a look at your work. We actually like looking over submissions!

VIGIL is about Miami’s very own Superhero Group, where the insanity that is MIAMI meets the insanity of Superheroes. Starring a small cast with varying backgrounds and histories, I wanted to make soemthing that wasn’t jsut aciton and adventure but about cultures and relationships, and how maybe the most powerful thing we have as a species is  community.

VIGIL was one of the first Web comic I created, and the first real comic too, having existed as a Mini-comic in the late 90’s. Hosted on the ever popular, it updated every weekend from September 2000 until April 2005 (I think) and then was revived for a short time in 2009-2010 until going dormant again. Currently on indefinite hiatus, I am nonetheless proud of the work I did on their and see how I grew leaps and bounds. There is plans to bring it back, but only when I have enough time to really attack it.

A collected edition of the old VIGIL comics will probably be out next summer by Creature Entertainment, and you can find bits here on the blog.


A small Autobiography comic I did for a bit, I will most likely start doing this again here on this blog. I really don’t feel the need to make a regular series, since it start feeling forced. Those that I did, were funny as hell to me, at least.

A Western Short Story, written by Jen Contino. Cheating in a card game seems a valid excuse to blow someone away – especially in the Old West, but what made Dallas Powers kill the barmaid? Has Dallas gone on a killing spree? Can the shaky Sheriff get answers or will he wind up six feet under as well?


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