“THANKS GRANDPA” is a vignette prequel based on the ongoing webcomic ZOMBIE YEARS. It tells the story of one of its main characters, Delilah “Del” Esquinosa, and what she did before she met her compatriots. It ties in directly to the story line… more info can be found on the Creature Entertainment website.  It was my first time directing, GREATLY helped by Julio Alvarez and Anthony Dones, and the incredible cast we put together for this short clip. All in all it was an amazing experience and we are starting to set up for more, hopefully in the near future…

“WHAT IS A ZOMBIE MOTORCYCLE RIDE” This is a short film we did recently to promote the ZOMBIE MOTORCYCLE RIDE and the Zombie Brotherhood,  that happens in Ft.Lauderdale in conjunction with FRIGHTMALL and CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT. Short and sweet, working alongside Julio Alvarez, it was fun to write this short and then see it on screen, ALIVE!….or better, UNDEAD!

“WALL OF SHAME” This last year, Creature decided to participate in the 24 Hours Film Fest, where we were chosen Audience Favorite! I was the main writer on this and also helped in some of the directing along side the rest of the Creature and an AMAZING cast of actors and crew! I was really happy with the film and thought it was a great success for something that took so much of us in such little time.


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